World Of Warships Mods

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World Of Warships Mods

Добро пожаловать на фан сайт игры World of Warships, здесь можно найти все самое интересное касающееся WoWs, разнообразные моды, сборки модов, прицелы и много всего остального. Также мы выкладываем самое популярное видео по World of Warships, начиная от официальных видео от Wargaming, заканчивая любительскими обзорами различных кораблей.

И это еще не все, на сайте будут появляться гайды касаемо World of Warships которые затрагивают актуальные проблемы игры, например лаги, вылеты или низкий FPS. А также способы получить бесплатное золото для WoWs, бесплатные корабли и т.д.

World of Warships — Моды / Видео / Гайды

Cheats for World of Warships Literally world cheat is translated as a scam. And there are a number of reasons for this. In order to more clearly explain for beginers what means cheats for the world of warships (as, indeed, for other games), it is necessary to go back a little bit back in time. In the original form they were created solely for testing games. In this case, the average user played standardly and without indulgence, but the developer (programmer) used the hidden reserves of his creation, due to which, for example, he acquired immortality for his hero or had an inexhaustible stock of ammunition. These special abilities could be obtained by a regular player, with the exception that for such access it was necessary to fulfill a number of conditions and go through not one level, while the programmer had access to them at the beginning of the game. In other words, cheats are special codes introduced into the game by developers. Sometimes they open after passing several levels of the game, sometimes only at the end of the game. However, this is possible only with a single game. With online use, cheats are hidden. In this case, it was about legal codes. But there is an easier way to get cheats for the World of Warships. For example, download them on our website. How to install cheats for World of Warships? Many players playing in World of Warships, probably noticed unusual behavior or extraordinary skills some of the players.

After a couple of such «accidents», you begin to suspect the player of using cheats. If someone does not know what it is: these are special forbidden modifications that give some advantage over other players, in most cases it is enough to play on a level higher than other players, even if you are not experienced players, you can easily win using such players programs.

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Modpacks (or they are called «Assemblies mods») for World of Warships are developing at great speed and it is quite justified because modpacks much more popular than some modifications. Assemblies mods have own installer which able to show screenshots of mods and their descriptions and also allows you to install only the desired mods. You do not need to care about the relevance and compatibility modpack as they are very carefully tested and select only the appropriate mod. We collect for you only the best modpacks for World of Warships and constantly update them to the current version.

Ports are kind of hangars from Wot but only in World of Warships and ships, also they stand in docks. Modified ports have the same value as hangars in other Wargaming games. Ports add beauty transferring docks to other places and quality depends on the mod designer. We must say that ports for World of Warships do not affect the gameplay in any way and are only needed for a variety of gameplay, because it is at the docks that players spend half the time pumping and modifying ships, chatting, etc.

Cкачать моды для World of Warships

The sights importance for World of Warships is very difficult to overestimate, because sight plays an important role in battle, it will help you to destroy enemy ships. Unfortunately the standard sights World of Warships do not have enough functionality, of course it is possible to fight, but it is not so comfortable as with modified sights. In WG games, historical sights have always been valued, they will add realism to the World of Warhips, while others look the same, as from the future and will also appeal to many Wows players. As has already been said, the scope of the sights is huge, they can give information about the target and much more.

Если вам надоел голос, говорящий оповещения в игре, то этот мод для вас. Завораживающий голос Дарьи Перовой заменит стандартные голоса в бою. И при чем, Дарья не просто озвучивает голоса, а делает это в стиле Pin Up.

Ну что, пришло время для озвучки? До сих пор мы не выкладывали никаких озвучек, так как не было качественных, хорошо сделанных. И вот, сегодня появилась первая качественная озвучка, от Лисы. Оценивайте скорее!

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